Message from Top Management

Message from Top Management

Katsuya Takahara
COO & Representative Director

高原 克弥

Yasuyuki Kawabata
CEO & Representative Director

河端 保志


Our business specializes in IT engineers under our philosophy, “Breaking Common Sense”.

“Breaking Common Sense” is a phrase that implies “questioning irrational common sense and creating new, rational common sense”.

In a world where IT engineers are in short supply, we believe that IT engineers in Japan are treated unreasonably and unfairly compared to European and American peers, and those in other industries. To eradicate this, we launched “Midworks,” a support service for IT engineers who wish to become independent. Midworks forms the core of our business.  We believe that our actions-based philosophy is still at the very foundation of our company today.

In the IT market today, the number of digital transformation projects is rising, and further market growth is anticipated. In addition, according to a survey by METI (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), there will be a shortage of up to 790,000 IT personnel by 2030. Thus, the demand for IT personnel will continue to rise, and securing IT engineers will become a critical social issue.

Through Midworks and TechStars, we provide IT engineering resources to companies and nurture IT engineers through tech boost, our programming school, to meet the growing demand for IT engineers. Our role is to provide solutions to these issues.

In addition, we believe that a mandatory programming education will bring about a change in the way IT engineers work in the world. We will not only contribute to the education of IT engineers through tech boost, but also grow as a platform for IT engineers by providing total services ranging from education, independent support, to career changes, by offering new services tailored to IT engineers.

7th July 2020